Fully functional MLM back office in your smartphone

Comfortable work in any environment and the ability to directly address each client

  • Mobile app launch in 7-10 days
  • All the necessary tools for the job
  • Share information quickly through push notifications
  • Cross-platform solution for iOS and Android
Apply MLM to your business

Let's discuss a solution for your business

Apply MLM to your business
of traffic comes from mobile devices
of the time users spend in apps
of online sales happen on mobile apps
of companies are planning or already investing in applications

Improve your results without overhauling company processes

Expand your audience Expand your audience

• Make more effective invitations using the best tools in different situations
• Increase user retention by quickly satisfying their needs and information requests

Increase your sales Increase your sales

• Increase the average check and the regularity of purchases
• Increase across your entire product range embedding
• Make emphasis on high-margin products
• Drive additional sales
• Simplify ways to close deals

Boost engagement Boost engagement

• Make more successful touches in various sources
• Form personal offers
• Improve your understanding of the bonus logic
• Display personal growth metrics
• Create events and schedule meetings

Your team will appreciate

Back office in one application

Manage all aspects of your business development:
• Wallet balances
• Received bonuses
• Running activities
• Achieving ranks
• Order statuses
• Registration of partners
• Structure dynamics

Tools for results

Thoughtful functionality and necessary tools for building strong structures:
• Access to a contact in two clicks
• Convenient search by structure
• Controlling your finances
• Detailed statistics
• Event scheduler

Ease of attraction

Share your business presentation and referral link:
• Copy links for future reference
• Share links in social networks
• Create QR codes for instant registration
• Use NFC to share a link by touching your smartphone

Ease of use

A well-designed user path and interface design will ensure comfortable use of the application, quick access to all functions and a positive response from users to the level of service

Push notifications

Get direct access to your customers. Timely share important information and inform about special offers. Generate personal alerts tied to personal events to significantly increase response and loyalty

Offline mode

The operation of the application without access to the Internet will allow your customers to perform important actions for them in any conditions. You can get a summary of transactions, share a referral link, find out partner contacts, view a product catalog and much more

Scale your business

Quick launch Quick launch

Quick launch

7-10 working days to launch your mobile application

  • We will connect the application to the API of your existing personal accounts
  • Set up referral links for your company
  • We will offer 1-2 design options in accordance with your corporate identity
  • Let's derive the conditions for performing activity and achieving ranks in accordance with the marketing plan
  • We will display the marketing volumes that are recruited and tracked by partners in your company
  • Display statistics on the purchases of your list of packages in the structure
  • We will display the data in the order card in accordance with the credentials in your company
  • We will coordinate and display the data of the partner card in the structure in accordance with your requirements
  • We will help you write descriptions for publishing your app in the App Store and Play Market
Website + Mobile App system "Website + Mobile App" system

"Website + Mobile App" system

The best combination for attracting and retaining customers

The company's website attracts traffic through search engines on the most favorable terms, and by directing users to a mobile application, the company can create a connection for further work with a potential client. By closing the site tab, the user stops interacting with the company, and the installed application provides constant access to the client

Work on any platform Work on any platform

Work on any platform

Cross-platform solution for iOS and Android, various device formats and screen sizes

Modern frameworks allow you to create applications that work equally well on various device formats and popular operating systems. At the same time, a single code base allows you to significantly save on development, quickly implement improvements and updates without compromising the quality, convenience and functionality of the application

Placement in the App Store and Google Play App Store and Google Play

App Store and Google Play

Development is carried out taking into account the rules and requirements of app stores

Unfortunately, no company in the world can provide a 100% guarantee of placement, because a lot depends on the nature of the business itself and even on the data of the owner, and not just on the technical part. On our part, we will do everything necessary for the optimization according to the requirements of the App Store and Google Play, help with writing descriptions and guide you along the way of publishing the application

Go to a new level of comfort in working with your structure

App Store Google Play
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