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Apply MLM technology in your business

Implementation of network marketing elements to attract new customers and motivate existing ones

  • Providing real forecasts for your business in MLM
  • Creation of a marketing strategy for the development of your business
  • Provide easy management with dedicated software
  • Integration of referral and bonus programs to attract
Apply MLM to your business

Let us discuss what we can offer for your business

Apply MLM to your business
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What the addition of bonus programs gives

Attraction of new clients

Bonus programs generate additional interest your potential buyers

Instant alert

Fast and inexpensive channel for disseminating information about new products and promotions

Guided strategy

Provides an opportunity to form a concept of business development and predict its growth

Minimizing risks

Transferring part of the costs and risks of promotion efficiency onto the distributors

Increase in sales

Encourages program participants to increase their personal and collective purchases

Priority of your products

Helps the target audience to make a choice in your favor for buying permanent consumer goods

Expansion of distribution channels

Connect your users' personal channels for distribution

Increased engagement

Turns regular shoppers into interested business partners

Starting loyalty

Referral letter gets more credibility in the eyes of buyers

Decrease in expenses for attraction

Encourages participants to attract new people to the company on their own

Promotion of purchases

Increases the frequency of purchases to participate in the bonus program

Crisis management

Even in a market crisis, MLM will be profitable *

Real tasks solved by the integration of the partner system

Satisfied blogger Satisfied blogger

Satisfied blogger

Working with bloggers and influencers. Provide bloggers with a referral link to promote and track the effectiveness of invitations


  • The company will be able to really assess the success of the referrer and make a payment for each attracted client
  • The blogger has the opportunity to receive an adequate assessment and payment for his work, as well as attract new sponsors for real results
Satisfied customer Satisfied customer

Satisfied customer

Personalized service recommendations (for example, medical). A client uses a referral link to make an appointment on the recommendation of a person he trusts


  • The company gains new clients with an initial positive attitude and a high degree of trust
  • The referrer receives bonuses, which increases his personal loyalty and the number of recommendations
  • A new client gets a proven company and guaranteed quality
Satisfied customer Satisfied customer

Satisfied customer

Attracting new customers (for example, an online store). The person who has already bought the product and satisfied with its quality, can personally recommend the purchase in this store to his friends


  • The company gets a new interested client without significant costs to attract
  • The invitee receives bonuses from the company for the invitation and can use them to purchase the product or significantly save on the purchase
  • A new client purchases a product that has already been verified by their referee, knowing for sure that they will receive the expected quality and terms

What we do when you contact us


Analyze the market of your competitors and prepare a proposal for the functionality of the project


Calculate a marketing plan and define the ways of its implementation


Terms of reference for the project based on agreed requirements


Create software based on your preferences and partners' needs


Program a marketing plan, set up bonuses and ranks

We do line


Automate the referral system for structure growth


Connect the e-commerce functionality


Setup SMS, e-mail campaigns and connect chat bots


Introduce multilingual functionality


Implement functionality of the MLM platform into business processes

We do line


Adapt the solution for various platforms: Windows, Macintosh, Android, iOS and any others


Write selling texts for the presentation part of the site


Train your staff to work with the system administrator panel


Give recommendations for business promotion and development

Proven solutions for traditional businesses that deliver new growth potential and competitive benefits

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