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Automation system for your MLM company

Tools for automating the processes of building and training your structure

  • Get web tools to work with a team of distributors
  • Monitor participant activity in a graphical structure
  • Share your experience with distributors in step-by-step training
  • Use automatic bonus accrual and control your finances online
MLM company automation

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MLM company automation
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What automation systems are

These are toolkits that will replace dozens of Excel spreadsheets and hundreds of dialogs in messengers. With the help of such solutions, you will protect yourself from routine training of beginners and monitoring of activity each partner. You use a single system that contains data and proven tools.

Functions that the automation system


  • Structural growth control

    Track the growth of the structure, its dynamics and the activity of your partners

  • Step by step training for beginners

    Think over a learning plan and create assignments that will open as you complete

  • Structure alert

    Set up notifications for upcoming events and webinars for structure members

  • Communication with structure

    Take advantage of mass mailing services, a communication wall and a telegram chatbot

  • Controlling the work of partners

    Use analytics tools to study the productivity of your distributors

  • Optimization of processes

    Automate accepting payments, monetizing paid training, removing inactive users

Doesn't do:

  • Doesn't bring people into structure

    The system does not provide automatic search for partners, this is your task and task of your distributors

  • Doesn't fill with content

    You get an empty system, all data in it are individual for your business

  • Doesn't customize ads

    The system does not launch ads, but you can configure it on external sources and attach a referral link

Our CRM for MLM business

FlawlessMLM invites its clients to take advantage of an additional solution specially designed to simplify running a network business - Recruta

It is a CRM system with a set of useful web tools that helps TOP Leaders and Owners network business to automate the management processes of an MLM company. Together with the Recruta, you can train members of the structure, monitor the success of your team, understand at what stage of involvement in the structure you are, refuse a potential partner to register with the company and much more.

Sales funnel

Configuring duplication of your actions at all stages of the user path

Training setup

Creating a step-by-step route to involve a new partner in the team

Referral links

Automation of the process of building a structure and linking several projects to a single structure


Using a variety of subject queries to create unique engagement paths

System monetization

Possibility of additional earnings on payments of partners of your structure

Affiliate program

Additional income for you and your partners for inviting new candidates to the system


Work with the team and control the structure from anywhere in the world using a tablet, phone or laptop

Structure reports

Tracking statistics on the structure of the company, its members and their statuses

Domain name and SSL

Website personalization with domain name and security certificate

Step-by-step training

Additional opportunity to earn money for you and your structure with the help of training courses

It is very easy to use the automation system


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