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Our IT company from Ukraine is looking for partners. If you are located in the USA, Canada, Europe, UAE, Kazakhstan, then we offer to expand the range of services you provide or strengthen your team with our technical base, experience and best practices

The team made a relocation to the safe zone

Наша команда специалистов

Ready to create cool projects!
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Наша команда специалистов

We have been developing complex solutions for business for more than 18 years

Having launched hundreds of projects in various countries, we have managed to accumulate valuable experience that we have applied by combining the most successful solutions and tools. We have a professional, motivated team of more 75 people.

We have in our portfolio the development of solutions for different areas


  • · online store
  • · marketplace
  • · logistics automation


  • · finance
  • · real estate
  • · crowdfunding


  • · motivation system
  • · funnel automation
  • · creating own token

Online learning

  • · creation of a learning platform
  • · step-by-step access to materials
  • · licensing management


  • · policy constructor
  • · selling policies online
  • · user verification

Partnership programs

  • · referral system
  • · creating a marketing plan
  • · profitability calculator

We use a stack of modern proven technologies to ensure high quality and ease of maintenance

PHP 8.x

Fast, easy to maintain, upgradable and secure

Laravel 8

A number of ready-made elements that allow you to speed up development


Works twice as fast as the nearest competitor (MySQL)

Expert solutions for MLM

Auxiliary database for the fastest and most stable operation

React technology

Powerful library for creating dynamic interfaces

We implement projects taking into account new market trends and functionality that allows you to stand out from competitors

React Native and Mobile First

Allows you to immediately release an application for iOS and Android with the site

Deep competitor analysis

This approach allows you to take only the best decisions into work.

Cross platform design

Allows you to display the site equally well on all types of devices

Expert solutions for MLM
Gamification and challenges

In a game format, we involve partners in work and motivate

Automated testing

To get the most stable and controllable solution

CI/CD continuous integration system

Allows you to eliminate possible errors at the testing stage

Functional widgets

Ability to set their base location and adjust content

Ready REST API for integrations

Easy integration of project logic into any external interface

Queue server

Reducing the load on the site allows you to maintain performance under high loads

Get a motivated professional development team for your projects. Consider various options for cooperation